Monday, November 23, 2009


I just remembered I never did the other F my life post, so here it is!

In between my classes I usually drive home because I have over an hour to kill so I drive home and eat. The other day I decided to go get some food and sit in my car and study for the test I had in the next class. I parked in the farthest possible place I could because there was noone there and that way I could eat without people walking by my car every 5 secs. I had the radio on.... The battery decided to kick it. I was trapped at the school after my test until one of my friends was nice enough to drive me home. NEXT DAY! I hadn't gone to get my car until the next morning for reasons undiscussable, but we went and jumped my car, I was late to my class because my Ma takes a million years to put on a hat and some shoes to take me to jump my car. Anyway after my class guess what? My car overheats!! I was stuck at the target thats near my school for about an hour and a half waiting for my car to cool down. TWO DAYS LATER! Battery dies again at work, stuck at work waiting for someone to come jump me. Why oh why does my car hate me??

Anyway thats my FML post today

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So I know that a bunch of my friends in RL and a bunch of my friends on SL are all fighting to get into the new moon premier tonight. I thought about going because I do want to see it however I didn't want to deal with teh screaming fangirls tonight. I'm just going tommorow during the day. So in the spirit of the new moon craze right now I was running around dressed at Victora, aka the evil female vampire in twilight. I thought I looked pretty damn good. Also I had to share this vid I found on youtube. I thought this was freakin amazing and I'm considering downloading it on itunes because those people are actually amazing singers if you ask me haha. Anyway here it is.

Love Thursday!

I haven't done one of these for awhile... but I haven't even blogged for awhile so time to start again! This thursday I love....


For those who don't know what a flashmob is.... Well its basically a bunch of people that will gather do some random action and then quickly disperse. There are flashmobs all over the world. I'm part of the one here in AZ. I've only been to one of the events so far but I can't wait for the next. One of the ones they did was they all went to the busy mall by the college here with big shopping bags and were all just acting like normal shoppers. Then a whistle was blown and out came pillows from teh shopping bags and they had a big pillow fight until the wistle was blown again and everyone took off running. The pillow fight was even being broken up by the security guard.

Not sure if you can view this but here the link to the vid.

The flashmob that I went to was the Epic Superhero Battle 2009. Of course being me I was a villan :P
We went to the scottsdale mall and met on a streetcorner and had a huge battle between superheros and villans. I declare the villans winners because the superheros stoped when me and my fellow villans were running around causing mischief. Heres a pic of the villans on the opposite corner of the heros taunting them from afar waiting for the crosswalk to turn before we could attack haha. Yes even villas obey traffic laws!

Yes I am in this picture for those that are curious to see the RL me. I won't tell you which I am thou MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I love that fmylife website, its so funny. And I'd always wanted to put on my own FML post on the site but never thought I had anything worth it. But today I realized I have two situations I could put on there. Care to hear them?
First happened a couple days ago, I was watching t.v. with my parents and my dad decided he wanted ice cream, of course theres none in the house so I had to run to the store to get some. He demanded the best Vanilla out there.... which I have no idea what is. I went to wallmart and was standing there starting at the ice cream for at least 10 mins trying to find the best vanilla. People walking by kept watching me stare at the ice cream, now I'm a big person and paranoid so I immediatly was highly unconfortable thinking they were all judging me. Finnally I grabbed some blue bunny in vanilla and cookie dough cuz they wanted both. As I went up to pay the guy ringing me up started makin comments about how its the best ice cream. Thinking he was just being friendly I told him how my dad was demanding the best. He followed up with how its the best choice for me to get because of the containers, because it will be easy to sit on the couch with and just eat in front of the TV.

He thought I was gonna sit at home alone eating ice cream out of the container. Am I that sad? FML, and F YOU WALLMART EMPLOYEE!

I'll do the other FML post later. Gotta eat before work.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Made a new friend tonight!

This is me and my new friend since none of my crazy friends were online I had to go make new ones. This one liked to tell me stories, this ones about his math teacher! Evil Clown: A math teacher had a bird, and he trained it to talk.

Evil Clown: One day it escaped, and he yelled out the window,

Evil Clown: "Polly gone! Polly gone!"

I think this is it!

I think I may be finally done with moving. I've lived in.... 1..3...7 different locations in SL. I only payed for the last 3 :P
As much as I LOVED having a 1/4 of a sim. Paying $6,500L a week is quiet extreme. So now I've dumped that and moved to a little skybox over some family land. They are allowing me 400 prims (which I'm almost positive I've gone over) and Ill pay then $300L a month. A MONTH! God its good to have SL family haha. Even if I don't get to see them very often.

Now my home is not as epic as most peoples in SL. But I think its perfect. City view, a nice little sitting area, a place for my studio and desk, and of course since I AM neko, random food scattered and a cat tree. Can't pass up on the giant food. Who could!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Bitch is Back!

During the halloween season in RL I work at a haunted house, plus I have about 20 credit hours of school, plus another job. SO needless to say I haven't been on SL much for the past month. But now that the halloween season is over I am back! Can't wait to start hanging out with my fam, friends, and partner again. I havent gotten to see any of them for the past month which in SL time is like a year. Time to resume our shinanigans!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Forced to move :\

I put alot of hard work into the land that we had. I shapped the land, I perfectly positioned trees, waterfall, flowers, other features and the land was PERFECT. There was like one thing I had left to do but no. About a week after I decided it was finally perfect I got a message from the sim owner lling me he was selling the sim and we would have to move to a new lot on one of his other sims :(
I was so sad. It seems kinda silly to be that upset over something on SL but I really almost wanted to cry because I loved that lot, the 1/4 of sim on a corner lot, perfectly square, and the sim was named Treasure Isle which I LOVED because I'm a pirate freak.
But we had to leave.... to a new wierdly long but not very wide, rectangular, not awsomly named sim where from what I'm seeing from the balcony (I havent actually looked around the sim yet) it seems this sim is full of shops. Which to be honest I would have rather taken the nude beach we had next door then these stores.
I'm sure I'll be ok with it in th end but it just sucks right now. Its an ugly lot too. The only reason I'm not saying F*** YOU to the sim owner and just leaving his lots forever is because he gave us $500L off our weekly tier for the same prims we had at the old lot.
It will be ok in the end.... I suppose.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Within You....

So I've been Labyrith obsessed lately and have been watching the songs on youtube, had to download the soundtrack on itunes, and forced my friends to watch it tonight with me. I think this is the best song in the movie, even thou David Bowie is way old I think this song is hot. Don't judge me!

Here's the lyrics! I know you can understand them pretty much perfectly but I just wanted to emphasize the hotness (I put */s next to the phrases that I realy really love ^.^

How you turned my world, you precious thing*
You starve and near exhaust me
Everything Ive done, Ive done for you
I move the stars for no one*

Youve run so long
Youve run so far

Your eyes can be so cruel*
Just as I can be so cruel****
Though I do believe in you

Yes I do

Live without the sunlight
Love without your heartbeat*
I, I cant live within you

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today is my RL B-Day!

Everyone always gets so excited over B-days but this years has kinda bown for me. It's all RL crap, I LOOVVVVEEEE My SL buds they make me smile no matter what shit is happening, but I've been dealing with difficult people for the past week and have even cancled parts of stuff I had planned for my B-day so that they could come, but they stil might not even show up to the small thing I am having >:|
I need better RL friends and thats a fact.

On a lighter note! I've been playing with pictures lately, I've been using Lianes studio to take the shots then I edit them in PS. Liane is opening a photography studio so IM me so I can get you to her to get this set up! She does amazing work!

But heres some of the pictures I've done.

This is Kasia Constantine, she was willing to pose for me when I wanted to do pictures based on the 7 deadly sins, this is wrath, I haven't done the others yet.

The last ones are all of me, I took a bunch of pics of me in poses to play with when I'm bored. So yea, I'll be leaving you all now, My bro just came home from flagstaff so we are gonna play video games

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So me and my friend Sanura (who is the owner of that AMAZING store *Dreams* by the way) Have decided to start a blog called Totally RANDOM! It's going to be amazing, I'm so excited. We are going to review crap, make random lists, do interviews with completly random people, some not so completly random such as if we do a designer or something. Eventually we might start publishing some of it into a SL Magazine which I have no idea how it will be distributed but it will be entertaining for me so I'm happy :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Guess what happened to me today?? So I'm a cashier at the Ross near my house, part time because I'm a student, BUT I was just up at the register..... minding my own bussiness, when SUDDENLY!!
Tere, one of the women who runs the fitting room comes powerwalking towards me.... morso towards the exit, yelling "CALL MONICA CALL MONCIA!" (Monicas a store manager, she was the one who was there today) And in her hand is a box of some of those scented oils people put in their houses and its smoking like MAD. Another guy comes up shortly after her with a baby blanket what is also smoldering. A woman was in teh back of the store setting shit on fire!!! She was buring our merchendise in hopes to set off the fire alarm so that she could run out the door with a cart full of junk.


Well sucks for her because one of my co-workers knew exactly who she was because she used to work with her at another store, AND We have video tape dumb girl! She didn't even get her merch she was trying to steal because of our good customers stopping her. Cops were called, who came ang go the info and also a forensics team came and took fingure prints off the box and stuff she burned. So shes gonna be going to jail fairly soon. Hope it was worth it girl!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Razzle Dazzle Em!

And they'll make u a STARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<- held on forever)

So we have recently moved into a new home, which is amazing by the way. We got a 1/4th of a sim so we could put down our castle. And I have a story about this too which I will post later cuz I wanna take a picture for that post. I just have to get on to take the picture. BUT I HAVE OTHER PICTURES!
So because we have a new home we also have alot of land on this one so me and liane ran around yesterday looking for trees. We found some amazing trees... which I later discovered that the slut has too.... *grumbles* BUT I'm NOT going to let this bother me! Because They are nice trees and wern't cheap! But anyway on our search for trees we decided we saw a pink tree with some sit poses and I was like "Hey! That one store with the amazing spiderweb swing had pink trees with sit poses!" So when we went there liane spotted an ice cream sundae So we had to play on it. It was awsome. And I'm sure it will end up on our land next to our bowl of cereal also. And we also went to another store to look for grass and out of NOWHERE I get asked out!

Well normally I'm not that into bunnies but U know this ones pretty cute..... Shhh! Don't tell Gothic!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So check it!

I was in between classes earlier and had to type something up for my upcoming class, I had written a rough draft on teh com but I guess I didn't save it but I was searching through my documents folder anyway. But I found out that some of my SL photos from ages ago were saved in there! Omg! Memories!!

This is my RL friend Jayme, I don't rembmer her AVs name, Me in the back, and Mr.Blonde. We were at the Devils Labaryth. If you haven't been there you should go its awsome.

This is Gracie,Sasara (I hope thats how its spelled), Me, and Mr.Blonde again. See back in the day, when I played on my AdaLore Ares account, I had a small circle of friends. It was us 4, plus.... I belive it was at least 2 or 3 other guys. We all met..... well most of us met at a newbie welcome center. We always went to hang there because it was always full of people. We were a crazy bunch and we had alot of fun and everytime we went somewhere we would cause such a commotion that more people would join in and join in our circle of friends. I had even started a group for us all to get together easier but that groups now a club announcment group basically. Uh good times. I miss some of those people.

Now this pictures amazing. Me and some of the girls in the group were talking about clothes or something and a bunch of the guys were complaining (this was in a club by the way) So we decided to give them a fashion show. We showed them a couple outfits and when we went behind a wall to change we came back out and all the guys had stripped down to thongs and were dancing! Omg! lol It was funny.

These last two pics are just pics of me as AdaLore when me and some of the group went surfing. I just thought they were neat lol. I think I'm gonna golog on as AdaLore now for awhile :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I went the party

The girl who gave me the compliment, IM's me all the time and the other day sh was kind enough to let me invade her party space with her friends. I didn't chat much cuz I was trying to sort through some things but they were awsome people. And honstly some of the best DJs I've herd in SL. I'll try to edit this post later and put in a SLURL for the place but I'm not gonna log into world right now cuz I hate to go to RL work in.... about a half hour..... I should probably go eat. But yea I went to their party and she and one of her friends were wearing HOOLIGAN outfits and they were all like amazed to be in my presence hahaha. It made me feel pretty awsome I must say. I've always felt that way about designers, if I saw them at the store or at a club I'd feel too shy to go talk to them or enter the store while they were there. Yea, thats just me. I need to get my shit together and put out some new stuff for the store thou.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I got a compliment :)

Yesterday when I was online I got a random IM from a girl... whos name escapes me at this moment I'm certain it started with and A..... I think. But shes on my friends list now so Ill be able to find her but ANYWAY.

I got the random IM from her saying how much she loved my outfit in the Bunny Hop gift. I was so thrilled to hear this, I always basically thought the stuff I made generally sucked. Althou I will admit the outfit I put in there probably is one of our best outfits right now. I really need to make some ads for this new stuff I've made soe we can put it up for sale.

So yea I got to talking with her shes a great girl, she told me how when she does these hunts she ends up deleting most everything which most of us do because alot of people don't put out very good stuff so when she does find something great she makes sure to thank the designer. I think thats a wonderful idea. It certainly made my day and I'm sure other designers would LOVE to get compliments on their work.

More people should do this. I'm going to start too. If I ever actually go through my hunt gifts. I still have massive folders filled with globes and kisses. And those twisted giftboxes are still hogging up inventory space.

But yea, the picture is the outfit I put in the hunt, its called God Save the Queen. Yep. Thats it. Lol, now I'm gonna go search for a new layout for my blog cuz I hate this one, I want something with more personality

Dimond Dogs

March 31st was the Sn@tch fashion show, Dimond Dogs. I was not in it because I have a class tuesday nights. But I did bring my laptop to class to watch my sissy. Liane was in the show and she was great. The show in general was amazing. Hopefully I can be in the next one. The only problem was that the sim crashed due to the mass amounts of people. Sucks for everyone else but kinda rocked for me because right as it crashed I had to close my laptop due to a sudden quiz, then once I got back on the show was just about to start. SO yea, sucks for everyone else, helped me out to not miss anything :)

And I certainly didn't. And since I'm an awful blogger I didn't bother to write down the outfits and whatnot people were wearing. I should know them anyway because I too am a Sn@tch model but I'd hate to spell something wrong and get my ass kicked for it.

But you can't hate me too much for not writing down every little detail about stuff considering I was in class and trying to take notes while watching the show.

Not an easy task I must say. That and all my friends around me are talking to me, asking what the hell I was watching/playing and whatnot.

Maybe some day Ill be able to convince some of them to play with me.

The show ended of course HeZ blowing up the venue, pieces of brick walls flew at all of us and there was fire everywhere. And just when you think there couldn't be anymore chaos, Ivey herself floats down from the heavens to bring light ot the darkness.

Awsome show

Friday, April 3, 2009


Last night I went to sleep at.... about 12:30, and I woke up at 5:30am cuz I belived I had to be to work at 7Am. BULLCRAP. I went to work and apparently I don't have to be there till 11. I tottally could have slept in but Nuuuuuu. Now Im sleepy sleepy sleepy.

SO Yesterday was thursday

and I was supposed to post another love thursday post but I was busy..... not really. But I forgot. But Ill post one today!!! So I LOOVVVVEEEEEE


Jared Padalecki-HOT

Jensen Ackles- HAWT

Brothers hunting demons and other evil things- AMAZING

I can't describe my love for this show! Im obsessed with it. I watch it every thursday and will alot of the time put off plans in order to watch it. THURSDAY IS SUPERNATURAL NIGHT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Outside of Your Window!

With My Radio!!

All of my blog posts are probly going to involve lyrics from the songs I'm listening to at the moment because I woun't be able to think of anything better. So Alicia Chenaux of Ch'Know? blogged a post about Strawberry Singh's plurk about how every thursday we should do a blog post about something we love in SL or RL. It just makes everyones day better to realize that even thou alot of stuff does suck that there's still SOO many reasons to be happy!

SO My Happy Blog post for today will be about my SL Sissys

G and Liane are absoLUTEly AMAZING! They have brought life to my SL and without them I would probably be very very bored most of the time. I mean I would probably stay at home organzing my endless inventory.
I've always herd of people and their big SL families and I've always been jelous of them because I was basically alone in SL and every once in awhile go out with some people.
But then these two changed my world and now I basically can't ever get a moment to myself because they just WON'T allow it! And I LOVE it! My inventorys about to explode but I'd rather lose some stuff in my inventory then ever even THINK about losing these two.

Monday, March 9, 2009

As Days Go By, The Memories Remain....

I'll Wait for YOUUUU!!!!

That title doesn't really have much to do with what I'm talking about but it's the song I'm listening to that song at the moment so yea.
Anyway I've been friends with Gothic for....... Umm...... a Hella long time. And now we are a couple (This is a recent thing, he just officially asked me out a lil bit ago). I'm not so sure this is a good thing. I mean I love it, I really like him and we have lotsa fun together. But I think he's really starting to get pissed off that I don't spend enough time with just him. There are 4 basic things I do on SL.
1> Freebie Hunting
2> Spending time with my friends
3> Try to get hours at sn@tch
4> Do things for my store

And I spend most of my time with my sissys Liane and G. I Loves them LOTS and am usually very bored if they arn't on. But Yea, I ask Gothic to come hang with us and he doesnt talk much and whatnot. I'm gonna try to spend some more time with him but yea, I'm wondering if making this into a relationship instead of a friendship was such a good idea.

Maybe I should just TP to some place quiet and think

Friday, March 6, 2009


Tottally don't know what to say but reading my sissy Lianes blog makes me want to blog some more too :) Even thou I have no idea what to say.
My SL in a nutshell right now, I have 2 wonderful sissys who make me laugh so damn hard I wanna fall out of my chair, I have a great BF, I'm a Co-Owner of Hooligan Streetwear which is pretty sweet and I still belive could be great if I would promote more, and I'm a sn@tch model which is awsome cuz I always spent so much moneybuying the clothes from there and now I get payd to wear them! WOO!
So last night I went to see the midnight showing of watchmen. It was pretty much amazing and I love it and me and my friend have developed loves for the inkface guy (don't rembmer his name just that it starts with an R) and The Blue guy who's name was John..... Or Dr.Manhatten..... whichever you perfer. We all kinda want him ;) LOL
Sothe movie had about 20 mins left in it, without spoiling too much, that inkface guy had just tried to tackle the other guy (won't say who) but missed and was flying towards the wall of TVs WHEN SUDDENLY! The screen went white! And poof! No more movie for me. It was like the epic battle of the movie, the one that would conclude everythign and suprize you don't get to see the end! F***!!!!!! But I got 2 free movie passes to go back so thats pretty sweet.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

16 things about me

I saw this going around in blogs and decided it sounded like fun.

1. I dream of working on a movie set someday, not neccessarily as an actress, althou that would be awsome but just working on the set.

2. I sometimes think my dogs love me more then my friends.

3. I've only been truely, very drunk 3 times.

4. I have such a low self esteem that I feel bad that my friends have to look at me.

5. If I had the body I would be a stripper because they make great money.

6. I want to learn to walk in super high stillettos, but I'm afriad to break my ankel

7. I'm terrified of scorpians.

8. I'm afriad of leeches.

9. I went to the beach one time with my family and my brother had to tell me there was a big net tied from one end of the cliff to the other end of the cove we were in to get me to go out far because I'm afraid of sharks.

10. The first time I was sent to the principals office was in 1st grade, I mooned my class.

11. I'm having trouble thinking of 16 things to say.

12. I actually have been told by my mother that I'm a dissapointment

13. I've been to therapists and told I'm depressed, and I was supposed to be insittionalized but my parents wouldnt allow that, so I was supposed to be put on meds but they wouldnt do that either, so I was on suicide watch for a long time.

14. I don't think I'm good enough for anyone.

15. I'm obsessed with horror, supernatual things, and vampires.

16. I'm incapable of actually opening up to anyone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So awhile ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. Which resulted in never ending pain which got worse and worse and worse, until the dentist finnally realized months later that when I had my wisdom teeth removed they tweeked my other tooth and cut off blood to the nerve in my tooth. So the pain I was feeling was my tooth slowly dieing, which trust me, it hurts. So I had to have a root canal to clean out the nerve and stuff inside my tooth because there was no way to save it. Thank you wisdom teeth removal guy!
Anyway for the last 3 days up too my root canal I didn't sleep because it was too painful, I was litterally crying because it hurt so bad. I couldn't eat, or sleep, or talk. The day after thanksgiving, (yes the day AFTER, which means I didn't get my thanksgiving) I finally got my root canal, which was a pain in the ass, it didnt hurt when they were doing hurt but the mass amounts of meds I was on kicked my ass. I had a temporary filling put in because we couldn't afford to get the actual crown just yet.
Today I went in to get my crown started. I got my tooth chipped down and whatnot, I've got a temporary crown on and in two weeks I can go back and get the real one.
I feel awful right now thou, the nmbing stuff they give you has always kinda made me tired but today that, combined with the wierd casting chemicals, crown cement, and the mass amount of blood I swallowed I feel really sick.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We broke up

I was looking through my blog after I had just posted that 2009 post and realized I never said anything about what happened with Doc. Yea, we broke up. I had been wanting to break up for awhile but didn't have the heart to say anything. I had just kinda been avoiding him and finnally he said he felt we didnt spend enough time together and broke it off. Yep thats the story there.


I'm going to blog more often I've decided. I don't know why, but it just sounds like a good way to pass the time.
Summing up this post:
For new years I had a RL party where a friend of mine who's never drank got wasted, it was entertaining.
SL: I'm now a sn@tch model. I'm amazingly excited. I need to go rack up hours thou, I've been bad about that already.
I've decided I want to do more outings on SL, or join and RP or something because it seems all I do is shop or organize inventory.
I also think it might be fun to find a SLBF. Althou I need to find one who's not all about sex because that doesnt interest me a all. The only reason I want a SLBF is to have someone to go to the romantic places of SL or to dance on the couples daceballs stuff like that. Sadly most SL Guys are all about the sex. lol