Sunday, May 24, 2009


Guess what happened to me today?? So I'm a cashier at the Ross near my house, part time because I'm a student, BUT I was just up at the register..... minding my own bussiness, when SUDDENLY!!
Tere, one of the women who runs the fitting room comes powerwalking towards me.... morso towards the exit, yelling "CALL MONICA CALL MONCIA!" (Monicas a store manager, she was the one who was there today) And in her hand is a box of some of those scented oils people put in their houses and its smoking like MAD. Another guy comes up shortly after her with a baby blanket what is also smoldering. A woman was in teh back of the store setting shit on fire!!! She was buring our merchendise in hopes to set off the fire alarm so that she could run out the door with a cart full of junk.


Well sucks for her because one of my co-workers knew exactly who she was because she used to work with her at another store, AND We have video tape dumb girl! She didn't even get her merch she was trying to steal because of our good customers stopping her. Cops were called, who came ang go the info and also a forensics team came and took fingure prints off the box and stuff she burned. So shes gonna be going to jail fairly soon. Hope it was worth it girl!!