Sunday, September 13, 2009

Forced to move :\

I put alot of hard work into the land that we had. I shapped the land, I perfectly positioned trees, waterfall, flowers, other features and the land was PERFECT. There was like one thing I had left to do but no. About a week after I decided it was finally perfect I got a message from the sim owner lling me he was selling the sim and we would have to move to a new lot on one of his other sims :(
I was so sad. It seems kinda silly to be that upset over something on SL but I really almost wanted to cry because I loved that lot, the 1/4 of sim on a corner lot, perfectly square, and the sim was named Treasure Isle which I LOVED because I'm a pirate freak.
But we had to leave.... to a new wierdly long but not very wide, rectangular, not awsomly named sim where from what I'm seeing from the balcony (I havent actually looked around the sim yet) it seems this sim is full of shops. Which to be honest I would have rather taken the nude beach we had next door then these stores.
I'm sure I'll be ok with it in th end but it just sucks right now. Its an ugly lot too. The only reason I'm not saying F*** YOU to the sim owner and just leaving his lots forever is because he gave us $500L off our weekly tier for the same prims we had at the old lot.
It will be ok in the end.... I suppose.