Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Outside of Your Window!

With My Radio!!

All of my blog posts are probly going to involve lyrics from the songs I'm listening to at the moment because I woun't be able to think of anything better. So Alicia Chenaux of Ch'Know? blogged a post about Strawberry Singh's plurk about how every thursday we should do a blog post about something we love in SL or RL. It just makes everyones day better to realize that even thou alot of stuff does suck that there's still SOO many reasons to be happy!

SO My Happy Blog post for today will be about my SL Sissys

G and Liane are absoLUTEly AMAZING! They have brought life to my SL and without them I would probably be very very bored most of the time. I mean I would probably stay at home organzing my endless inventory.
I've always herd of people and their big SL families and I've always been jelous of them because I was basically alone in SL and every once in awhile go out with some people.
But then these two changed my world and now I basically can't ever get a moment to myself because they just WON'T allow it! And I LOVE it! My inventorys about to explode but I'd rather lose some stuff in my inventory then ever even THINK about losing these two.

Monday, March 9, 2009

As Days Go By, The Memories Remain....

I'll Wait for YOUUUU!!!!

That title doesn't really have much to do with what I'm talking about but it's the song I'm listening to that song at the moment so yea.
Anyway I've been friends with Gothic for....... Umm...... a Hella long time. And now we are a couple (This is a recent thing, he just officially asked me out a lil bit ago). I'm not so sure this is a good thing. I mean I love it, I really like him and we have lotsa fun together. But I think he's really starting to get pissed off that I don't spend enough time with just him. There are 4 basic things I do on SL.
1> Freebie Hunting
2> Spending time with my friends
3> Try to get hours at sn@tch
4> Do things for my store

And I spend most of my time with my sissys Liane and G. I Loves them LOTS and am usually very bored if they arn't on. But Yea, I ask Gothic to come hang with us and he doesnt talk much and whatnot. I'm gonna try to spend some more time with him but yea, I'm wondering if making this into a relationship instead of a friendship was such a good idea.

Maybe I should just TP to some place quiet and think

Friday, March 6, 2009


Tottally don't know what to say but reading my sissy Lianes blog makes me want to blog some more too :) Even thou I have no idea what to say.
My SL in a nutshell right now, I have 2 wonderful sissys who make me laugh so damn hard I wanna fall out of my chair, I have a great BF, I'm a Co-Owner of Hooligan Streetwear which is pretty sweet and I still belive could be great if I would promote more, and I'm a sn@tch model which is awsome cuz I always spent so much moneybuying the clothes from there and now I get payd to wear them! WOO!
So last night I went to see the midnight showing of watchmen. It was pretty much amazing and I love it and me and my friend have developed loves for the inkface guy (don't rembmer his name just that it starts with an R) and The Blue guy who's name was John..... Or Dr.Manhatten..... whichever you perfer. We all kinda want him ;) LOL
Sothe movie had about 20 mins left in it, without spoiling too much, that inkface guy had just tried to tackle the other guy (won't say who) but missed and was flying towards the wall of TVs WHEN SUDDENLY! The screen went white! And poof! No more movie for me. It was like the epic battle of the movie, the one that would conclude everythign and suprize you don't get to see the end! F***!!!!!! But I got 2 free movie passes to go back so thats pretty sweet.