Friday, June 20, 2008

Hammer Hunt

SO the mens gift hunt I've been organizing finnally has a set date! I'm so excited. I hope it goes good. If I had any skill in designing anything I would put out some kind of gift for it. Unfortunatly I dont. I finnally figured out how to take textures from SL to my computer so I've been playing with the AS skins. I made myself a neko skin which I actually kinda love. I'll post a pic once I take one. Who knows maybe Ill develop some skins and sell those. Oh and a fabulous pose shop is having a sale, now I normally don't buy poses cuz I usually don't have a need for them but I've been going crazy buying them. In fact, I'm out of money! haha. So I've decided to put some money into SL. Shame on me I know. Oh well. The lovely model in the hammer hunt pic is my friend staceluv. Woot!

I'm getting married

He's been proposing for awhile and I kept saying I'd think about it. So I finnally said yes.
We havent decided a date yet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blogger cut off my pictures

and I'm too lazy to go back and edit it to fix it right now. So just click it to see

Random Pictures

I had a battle of wits with the pelican out at surfline. I won!


Have you Seen this girl?


Me and Benny playing chess (He was winning but I came back and won in the end)


Sometimes you just need to curl up inside the arms of a bunny and be alone


Or you could go find a polar bear and cuddle with him

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gridwide Mens Hunt

I was out doing a gift hunt with Doc and felt bad that there are never any hunts for guys. SO! I am organizing one. Yep, thats right. I already have some designers that want to join..... and a few that won't but they explained to me why and its understandable.
They said how the last couple times thy did a hunt they got lots of complaints and got attacked by griefers and such. Thats just messed up. Why can't people just accept a gift?! It's nice of them to give them to us anyway!
Anyway, so yea, I'm excited. I've got SL ambition haha. Damn I need to get some of that in my RL.
Well who knows. Maybe if tis hunt goes well I'll do another.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Should I be Scared?

So Doc keeps asking me if I've thought about his proposal and I just keep saying I need more time. To be honest I dont think I really wanna be tied down in SL. I love flirting too much. Maybe eventually I could get over it but tonight he started talking about how it would be nice to meet me in Real life. I kinda blew it off and said "Yea, shame we live to far away" but he kept going on about how great it would be then he asked if we could meet in real life some day. I tryed to just kinda brush it off again and said "Yea. maybe" But now thatI think about it, he's gettin a little too into this. He even asked my Real name and if I talk about to SL to my RL friends. No, I don't, unless Ive got a really funny story.


I'm wondering if I should end it with him. I really don't want to hurt him but its getting kinda creepy. Like I'll ask how was his day or what he did and all he will say was I sat around waiting an missing you, thats cute but not good for making conversation. Which we are not very good at together. I need someone I can talk horror movies, and books, and other things I love. Not just how great I am. I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SL Marriage?

Yes my bf proposed to me.......I didnt really know what to say. I mean personally I always thought I'd end up with a vampire guy or possibly a neko..... perferably a vampire. Because then we'd have something in common. A strange love for vampires. And he.... he has a strange love for doctor who. I mean its cool and all. But I think that might be the only outfit he has in all his inventory. He is always Dr. Who.

I even took him to a freebie place and got him some at least decent skin but every time I see him he puts back on the old skin. I mean yea he's such a sweatheart but I can't see myself walking down the aisle with Dr.Who right now. Maybe after we've gotten to know eachother better. I feel like we haven't really talked that much. Advice? Anyone? I'm sure noone reads this but still. *sigh* Maybe I should go to a SL church. They will answer my questions.

I like Big Butts and I can not lie......

You other brothers can't deny!. . . Just kidding. I was just at a particualr store that I love to sit and watch the lucky chair at and I noticed that almost everyone in there had a huge butt. I mean one girl came in blinging with her belly button ring on top of her shirt.

She had TINY waist, Huge hips, Tiny boobs, and a Ginormous (yes thats a word) Butt. Whatever. I like my av and thats all that matters. . . . Actually it kinda sucks because I was a fairly short Av. not like a tiny but not a giant person. but my bf made me grow because the kiss attachement wouldnt work right with me so short, I would kiss like his chest or something.

Well I was too short to ride the ferris wheel at the Carnival of Doom....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh wait! I found one

I found a sad picture. I was going through my pictures because I really should delete alot of them and found one. Here we go!
I was waiting for a lucky chair in a gothic church to turn to my letter. It never did so I started to cry.


So I haven't been on the computer for....... like 5 days..... ok maybe 4. But still thats a long time for me. First thing I did was check the blogs I read, caught up. I opened a few links preparedto go to collect amazing freebies I missed like always. And SURPRIZE, SL's down. Well this sucks. Hopefully I can get on soon. I really wanna see my friends again and such. I was gonna put a picture in this blog.... but I can't find a sad one. I need to take more pictures lol.