Thursday, April 9, 2009

So check it!

I was in between classes earlier and had to type something up for my upcoming class, I had written a rough draft on teh com but I guess I didn't save it but I was searching through my documents folder anyway. But I found out that some of my SL photos from ages ago were saved in there! Omg! Memories!!

This is my RL friend Jayme, I don't rembmer her AVs name, Me in the back, and Mr.Blonde. We were at the Devils Labaryth. If you haven't been there you should go its awsome.

This is Gracie,Sasara (I hope thats how its spelled), Me, and Mr.Blonde again. See back in the day, when I played on my AdaLore Ares account, I had a small circle of friends. It was us 4, plus.... I belive it was at least 2 or 3 other guys. We all met..... well most of us met at a newbie welcome center. We always went to hang there because it was always full of people. We were a crazy bunch and we had alot of fun and everytime we went somewhere we would cause such a commotion that more people would join in and join in our circle of friends. I had even started a group for us all to get together easier but that groups now a club announcment group basically. Uh good times. I miss some of those people.

Now this pictures amazing. Me and some of the girls in the group were talking about clothes or something and a bunch of the guys were complaining (this was in a club by the way) So we decided to give them a fashion show. We showed them a couple outfits and when we went behind a wall to change we came back out and all the guys had stripped down to thongs and were dancing! Omg! lol It was funny.

These last two pics are just pics of me as AdaLore when me and some of the group went surfing. I just thought they were neat lol. I think I'm gonna golog on as AdaLore now for awhile :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I went the party

The girl who gave me the compliment, IM's me all the time and the other day sh was kind enough to let me invade her party space with her friends. I didn't chat much cuz I was trying to sort through some things but they were awsome people. And honstly some of the best DJs I've herd in SL. I'll try to edit this post later and put in a SLURL for the place but I'm not gonna log into world right now cuz I hate to go to RL work in.... about a half hour..... I should probably go eat. But yea I went to their party and she and one of her friends were wearing HOOLIGAN outfits and they were all like amazed to be in my presence hahaha. It made me feel pretty awsome I must say. I've always felt that way about designers, if I saw them at the store or at a club I'd feel too shy to go talk to them or enter the store while they were there. Yea, thats just me. I need to get my shit together and put out some new stuff for the store thou.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I got a compliment :)

Yesterday when I was online I got a random IM from a girl... whos name escapes me at this moment I'm certain it started with and A..... I think. But shes on my friends list now so Ill be able to find her but ANYWAY.

I got the random IM from her saying how much she loved my outfit in the Bunny Hop gift. I was so thrilled to hear this, I always basically thought the stuff I made generally sucked. Althou I will admit the outfit I put in there probably is one of our best outfits right now. I really need to make some ads for this new stuff I've made soe we can put it up for sale.

So yea I got to talking with her shes a great girl, she told me how when she does these hunts she ends up deleting most everything which most of us do because alot of people don't put out very good stuff so when she does find something great she makes sure to thank the designer. I think thats a wonderful idea. It certainly made my day and I'm sure other designers would LOVE to get compliments on their work.

More people should do this. I'm going to start too. If I ever actually go through my hunt gifts. I still have massive folders filled with globes and kisses. And those twisted giftboxes are still hogging up inventory space.

But yea, the picture is the outfit I put in the hunt, its called God Save the Queen. Yep. Thats it. Lol, now I'm gonna go search for a new layout for my blog cuz I hate this one, I want something with more personality

Dimond Dogs

March 31st was the Sn@tch fashion show, Dimond Dogs. I was not in it because I have a class tuesday nights. But I did bring my laptop to class to watch my sissy. Liane was in the show and she was great. The show in general was amazing. Hopefully I can be in the next one. The only problem was that the sim crashed due to the mass amounts of people. Sucks for everyone else but kinda rocked for me because right as it crashed I had to close my laptop due to a sudden quiz, then once I got back on the show was just about to start. SO yea, sucks for everyone else, helped me out to not miss anything :)

And I certainly didn't. And since I'm an awful blogger I didn't bother to write down the outfits and whatnot people were wearing. I should know them anyway because I too am a Sn@tch model but I'd hate to spell something wrong and get my ass kicked for it.

But you can't hate me too much for not writing down every little detail about stuff considering I was in class and trying to take notes while watching the show.

Not an easy task I must say. That and all my friends around me are talking to me, asking what the hell I was watching/playing and whatnot.

Maybe some day Ill be able to convince some of them to play with me.

The show ended of course HeZ blowing up the venue, pieces of brick walls flew at all of us and there was fire everywhere. And just when you think there couldn't be anymore chaos, Ivey herself floats down from the heavens to bring light ot the darkness.

Awsome show

Friday, April 3, 2009


Last night I went to sleep at.... about 12:30, and I woke up at 5:30am cuz I belived I had to be to work at 7Am. BULLCRAP. I went to work and apparently I don't have to be there till 11. I tottally could have slept in but Nuuuuuu. Now Im sleepy sleepy sleepy.

SO Yesterday was thursday

and I was supposed to post another love thursday post but I was busy..... not really. But I forgot. But Ill post one today!!! So I LOOVVVVEEEEEE


Jared Padalecki-HOT

Jensen Ackles- HAWT

Brothers hunting demons and other evil things- AMAZING

I can't describe my love for this show! Im obsessed with it. I watch it every thursday and will alot of the time put off plans in order to watch it. THURSDAY IS SUPERNATURAL NIGHT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!!