Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I was gonna get on SL but I have to leave pretty soon so I didnt want to bother when I'd have to be getting off right away. Anyway I tryed to build a skirt. Yeaaaa........ That didnt turn out to well. The flexi showed my ass, it didnt stay in place. BUT! I bet if I kept at it and practiced enough I could eventually get fairly good at it. Maybe I should start with something a bit simpler........ Like...... a shoe or something. They will be crappy shoes but still. Just gotta keep a positive attitude

So my birthdays coming up. Its gonna be a pretty big party surprizingly. Theres gonna be like 50 people packed into my house. Which is amazing.
I'm debating telling my SL friends so we can
maybe have a SL party lol. I doubt it thou. there would be like 4 people there. Liane, Van, Benny, and my hunny Doc.
Maybe I can get one of those cakes people pop out of and convince them each to do it one by one Haha that would be a good SL bday

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grid Down

Which is a shame because I got real inspiration to try and build too. I never bother to build because I know I suck at it but I REALLY wanted to try to make a skirt or possibly some shoes or belt. But surprize the grids down. Oh well. I guess I'll just hope I want to build again later when its back up. I think I'm gonna go eat some lunch.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So..... I guess I got a SL BF now.

My friend Conner would always tell me about this spaceship he had and would terrorize goreans with. He always said I should come see it, so last night I did. Well actually we were with his friend TheDoctor. We were on TheDoctors ship so we flew around and such, they took me to space (no not the popular space park thing a different space which was AMAZINGLY cool in my opinion better then the space park) And TheDoctor had to leave so me being friendly was all like "that sucks, We should hang out again" So he added me and took off.
Later today I logged onto SL to pick up a few freebies then I had to clean HARDCORE. But people started IMing me so I told them I was cleaning and would stay logged on but wouldnt be there most of the time. SO eventually he IMed me and tlaked and eventually he wanted to hangout I told him it would be pointless cuz I wasnt at my computer really. He said I would just have to stand there and look beautiful. I thought that was wierd but TPed anyway then continued to clean. I come back to a message asking me to go out with him. I didnt realy know what to say having met this guy once but he seemed like a nice guy so I said sure. He wanted to link the Partnership deal but I told him thats like SL marriage and we wern't that far yet.
So yea. SL BF. Let's see how this goes.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fashion Mishaps

This has got to be the skinniest waist Ive seen in SL. Well..... maybe not but seriously, At least preportion your body better please.

Yes, this girl was walking around like that. Why? I don't know, but she was. Blogger may have cut this off so you may have to click it.

PhotobucketON TO THE OIL! Quick somone give her a towel!

Photobucket Boobs. Need I say more?

Photobucket She was walking around in the biggest dress I'd ever seen and it was a demo.....

Photobucket A man.......... In body oil............ Sexy?......... I think not.

Heath Ledger Memorial

My blog is about to go picture crazy because I have alot to share So here we go.
Like so many others I was sooooo sad when I found out Heath Ledger died. My friend texted me and told me and I refused to belive her. Then I saw it on the news *tear* I still can't belive it, He was one of my favorite actors (My all time fave is Robin Williams he's so funny)

I went the the Heath Ledger Memorial in Gotham City. They were giving out the Joker av for free. I picked it up but I dont knw when I'll ever wear it. But thats besides the point.
The memorial was pretty cool, they had a tent you could walk into and sit and all around you were different pictures of him.
I'm gonna miss that man.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Blog

I had a blog once. Got bored with it. Decided I wanted to blod again. Couldnt rember the password I guess lol. So heres a new one. My name is Colorful Sinister. And this is my SecondLife.

This is going to be a pretty random blog, I dont really know why Ive decided to blog. I suppose it was Alicia Chenauxs fault. I read her blog and its always so funny and interesting.
To start out, Know this, I am a manager at the Fetish Fortress, and I have recently decided I need more friends because I basically wait for like 2 people to get online (used to be 3 but she quit sadly) and I want some friends to go exploring with.
SO I am IMing random people all the time now to just start talking to them. Its kinda fun. Sometimes it wierds them out thou and they run away.