Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Razzle Dazzle Em!

And they'll make u a STARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<- held on forever)

So we have recently moved into a new home, which is amazing by the way. We got a 1/4th of a sim so we could put down our castle. And I have a story about this too which I will post later cuz I wanna take a picture for that post. I just have to get on to take the picture. BUT I HAVE OTHER PICTURES!
So because we have a new home we also have alot of land on this one so me and liane ran around yesterday looking for trees. We found some amazing trees... which I later discovered that the slut has too.... *grumbles* BUT I'm NOT going to let this bother me! Because They are nice trees and wern't cheap! But anyway on our search for trees we decided we saw a pink tree with some sit poses and I was like "Hey! That one store with the amazing spiderweb swing had pink trees with sit poses!" So when we went there liane spotted an ice cream sundae So we had to play on it. It was awsome. And I'm sure it will end up on our land next to our bowl of cereal also. And we also went to another store to look for grass and out of NOWHERE I get asked out!

Well normally I'm not that into bunnies but U know this ones pretty cute..... Shhh! Don't tell Gothic!


Liane said...

so ummmm yea! about the situation about our land? haha go read my blog about it!!!!

and yes must say i lovers that sundae!

and the bunneh! he asked me out right after you took pictures with him and smooched him!!!!