Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today is my RL B-Day!

Everyone always gets so excited over B-days but this years has kinda bown for me. It's all RL crap, I LOOVVVVEEEE My SL buds they make me smile no matter what shit is happening, but I've been dealing with difficult people for the past week and have even cancled parts of stuff I had planned for my B-day so that they could come, but they stil might not even show up to the small thing I am having >:|
I need better RL friends and thats a fact.

On a lighter note! I've been playing with pictures lately, I've been using Lianes studio to take the shots then I edit them in PS. Liane is opening a photography studio so IM me so I can get you to her to get this set up! She does amazing work!

But heres some of the pictures I've done.

This is Kasia Constantine, she was willing to pose for me when I wanted to do pictures based on the 7 deadly sins, this is wrath, I haven't done the others yet.

The last ones are all of me, I took a bunch of pics of me in poses to play with when I'm bored. So yea, I'll be leaving you all now, My bro just came home from flagstaff so we are gonna play video games


Liane Boomhauer said...

these pics are awesome sissy! and you can use my studio whenever you want. i think i have decided maybe on calling it Kitteh Photography for my studio. i posted some pics of my photo shoot yesterday