Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I love that fmylife website, its so funny. And I'd always wanted to put on my own FML post on the site but never thought I had anything worth it. But today I realized I have two situations I could put on there. Care to hear them?
First happened a couple days ago, I was watching t.v. with my parents and my dad decided he wanted ice cream, of course theres none in the house so I had to run to the store to get some. He demanded the best Vanilla out there.... which I have no idea what is. I went to wallmart and was standing there starting at the ice cream for at least 10 mins trying to find the best vanilla. People walking by kept watching me stare at the ice cream, now I'm a big person and paranoid so I immediatly was highly unconfortable thinking they were all judging me. Finnally I grabbed some blue bunny in vanilla and cookie dough cuz they wanted both. As I went up to pay the guy ringing me up started makin comments about how its the best ice cream. Thinking he was just being friendly I told him how my dad was demanding the best. He followed up with how its the best choice for me to get because of the containers, because it will be easy to sit on the couch with and just eat in front of the TV.

He thought I was gonna sit at home alone eating ice cream out of the container. Am I that sad? FML, and F YOU WALLMART EMPLOYEE!

I'll do the other FML post later. Gotta eat before work.