Monday, November 23, 2009


I just remembered I never did the other F my life post, so here it is!

In between my classes I usually drive home because I have over an hour to kill so I drive home and eat. The other day I decided to go get some food and sit in my car and study for the test I had in the next class. I parked in the farthest possible place I could because there was noone there and that way I could eat without people walking by my car every 5 secs. I had the radio on.... The battery decided to kick it. I was trapped at the school after my test until one of my friends was nice enough to drive me home. NEXT DAY! I hadn't gone to get my car until the next morning for reasons undiscussable, but we went and jumped my car, I was late to my class because my Ma takes a million years to put on a hat and some shoes to take me to jump my car. Anyway after my class guess what? My car overheats!! I was stuck at the target thats near my school for about an hour and a half waiting for my car to cool down. TWO DAYS LATER! Battery dies again at work, stuck at work waiting for someone to come jump me. Why oh why does my car hate me??

Anyway thats my FML post today