Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love Thursday!

I haven't done one of these for awhile... but I haven't even blogged for awhile so time to start again! This thursday I love....


For those who don't know what a flashmob is.... Well its basically a bunch of people that will gather do some random action and then quickly disperse. There are flashmobs all over the world. I'm part of the one here in AZ. I've only been to one of the events so far but I can't wait for the next. One of the ones they did was they all went to the busy mall by the college here with big shopping bags and were all just acting like normal shoppers. Then a whistle was blown and out came pillows from teh shopping bags and they had a big pillow fight until the wistle was blown again and everyone took off running. The pillow fight was even being broken up by the security guard.

Not sure if you can view this but here the link to the vid.

The flashmob that I went to was the Epic Superhero Battle 2009. Of course being me I was a villan :P
We went to the scottsdale mall and met on a streetcorner and had a huge battle between superheros and villans. I declare the villans winners because the superheros stoped when me and my fellow villans were running around causing mischief. Heres a pic of the villans on the opposite corner of the heros taunting them from afar waiting for the crosswalk to turn before we could attack haha. Yes even villas obey traffic laws!

Yes I am in this picture for those that are curious to see the RL me. I won't tell you which I am thou MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA