Monday, June 14, 2010

BBBC 2- 3 things

The second topic for the BBBC is "SL Bloggers - Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life."

Well the first positive thing I'm going to write about isn't actually SL. Its something in my RL

1. Something thats really keeping me going in RL, which allows me to keep going in SL is the fact that my mom is finally seeking help, she's spend the past 2 weeks in a rehab center, a great one that I get to go visit whenever I want. I'm hoping and praying that she'll get better and I'll finally get my mom back.

2. I'm happy that I've got so many subscribers in the stores subscribomatic, granted I hardly ever send anything out because I hardly ever make new things anymore because I'm lazy but thats definatly something I'm working on. Sanura Snowpaw helps to motivate me at times to do something and I'm sure she could tell you that its not an easy task. Plus my sister Liane is offering to do the ads for my store since she's a fantastic photographer and I hate to do them anymore.

3. I can't belive how lucky I am to have such great family and friends on SL. Gothic, Hadda, G, Sanura, and of course Liane. They are my favorite people and its hard to imagine SL without them. When I first joined SL I had no intention of getting so close to people that I'd be willing to discuss my home life but Liane I've known for so long that I'm willing to talk to her about anything, she knows things about me that I even refuse to discuss with my RL friends. Shes the sister I've been lacking in my RL and I'd be crushed if we ever split.

This picture really doesn't have anything to do with my writing but I didn't want this post to be pictureless :D


Sanura Snowpaw said...

OMG it's sooo freaking hard to push her and motivate Color it's like herding cats, through molasses, uphill, but I love her so freakin much <33

Sanura Snowpaw said...

as a matter of fact I am waiting to see if she follow through this whole week trust me if I see she missed a day I will get to poking her.