Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today is my RL B-Day!

Everyone always gets so excited over B-days but this years has kinda bown for me. It's all RL crap, I LOOVVVVEEEE My SL buds they make me smile no matter what shit is happening, but I've been dealing with difficult people for the past week and have even cancled parts of stuff I had planned for my B-day so that they could come, but they stil might not even show up to the small thing I am having >:|
I need better RL friends and thats a fact.

On a lighter note! I've been playing with pictures lately, I've been using Lianes studio to take the shots then I edit them in PS. Liane is opening a photography studio so IM me so I can get you to her to get this set up! She does amazing work!

But heres some of the pictures I've done.

This is Kasia Constantine, she was willing to pose for me when I wanted to do pictures based on the 7 deadly sins, this is wrath, I haven't done the others yet.

The last ones are all of me, I took a bunch of pics of me in poses to play with when I'm bored. So yea, I'll be leaving you all now, My bro just came home from flagstaff so we are gonna play video games

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So me and my friend Sanura (who is the owner of that AMAZING store *Dreams* by the way) Have decided to start a blog called Totally RANDOM! It's going to be amazing, I'm so excited. We are going to review crap, make random lists, do interviews with completly random people, some not so completly random such as if we do a designer or something. Eventually we might start publishing some of it into a SL Magazine which I have no idea how it will be distributed but it will be entertaining for me so I'm happy :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Guess what happened to me today?? So I'm a cashier at the Ross near my house, part time because I'm a student, BUT I was just up at the register..... minding my own bussiness, when SUDDENLY!!
Tere, one of the women who runs the fitting room comes powerwalking towards me.... morso towards the exit, yelling "CALL MONICA CALL MONCIA!" (Monicas a store manager, she was the one who was there today) And in her hand is a box of some of those scented oils people put in their houses and its smoking like MAD. Another guy comes up shortly after her with a baby blanket what is also smoldering. A woman was in teh back of the store setting shit on fire!!! She was buring our merchendise in hopes to set off the fire alarm so that she could run out the door with a cart full of junk.


Well sucks for her because one of my co-workers knew exactly who she was because she used to work with her at another store, AND We have video tape dumb girl! She didn't even get her merch she was trying to steal because of our good customers stopping her. Cops were called, who came ang go the info and also a forensics team came and took fingure prints off the box and stuff she burned. So shes gonna be going to jail fairly soon. Hope it was worth it girl!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Razzle Dazzle Em!

And they'll make u a STARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<- held on forever)

So we have recently moved into a new home, which is amazing by the way. We got a 1/4th of a sim so we could put down our castle. And I have a story about this too which I will post later cuz I wanna take a picture for that post. I just have to get on to take the picture. BUT I HAVE OTHER PICTURES!
So because we have a new home we also have alot of land on this one so me and liane ran around yesterday looking for trees. We found some amazing trees... which I later discovered that the slut has too.... *grumbles* BUT I'm NOT going to let this bother me! Because They are nice trees and wern't cheap! But anyway on our search for trees we decided we saw a pink tree with some sit poses and I was like "Hey! That one store with the amazing spiderweb swing had pink trees with sit poses!" So when we went there liane spotted an ice cream sundae So we had to play on it. It was awsome. And I'm sure it will end up on our land next to our bowl of cereal also. And we also went to another store to look for grass and out of NOWHERE I get asked out!

Well normally I'm not that into bunnies but U know this ones pretty cute..... Shhh! Don't tell Gothic!